noun: A defensive wall or other reinforcement built to strengthen a place against attack.


noun: A program that provides defensive walls around your data for protection from attackers.


A play on words of fortification, Folderfication too can be considered a defensive wall built to strengthen against an attack. But instead of stopping barbarian hordes at the gates, Folderfication protects your valuable data from theft or destruction by malware, ransomware, and snoopers.


Hide files and sub-folders from unauthorized applications.


Block all access to a protected folder by unauthorized applications.


Transparently encrypt and decrypt files on the fly so that the data remains protected at rest.

Encryption Filtering

Add a layer of encryption to any program for extra security.

Extension Filtering

Hide files by extension so only authorized applications can view them.


Completely hide a folder from unauthorized applications.

No Execute

Block programs from executing from configurable directories.

Read Only

Block all modifications to files and folders within a protected folder.

Military Strength Encryption

Folderfication uses the strongest publicly available encryption for transparent protection.

Transparent File Level Encryption

Folderfication provides two different encryption options to protect your data at rest and data on the move. Through the use of transparent encryption, Folderfication can seamlessly protect data on your local system and data being sent to the cloud.

*Due to US Government regulations on the export of products that implement strong encryption, Folderfication with encryption will be a restricted release.

Seamless Security

Even with advanced kernel-level integration, Folderfication is still easy to configure and use.

Use Cases

Folderfication has eight distinct capabilities that can be applied to your file system to add the level of protection you desire. Each capability offers protections for a variety of use cases. From hiding certain file types from ransomware to automatically protecting data saved to the cloud to preventing unauthorized users from accessing your data, Folderfication enhances existing Windows security for a more robust and configurable defense.

Simple and Intuitive Key Management

Set your own keys or let Folderfication take care of that for you. And with an RSA-based key exchange built directly into Folderfication, fast, easy and secure key sharing is possible.

Key Management

Encryption can be a hassle mostly because key management is a hassle. Not only are passwords hard to remember, it is even more difficult to securely share them. Public key cryptography helps solve this issue but introduces its own challenges. Folderfication is designed to help.

Instead of manually setting and remembering individual passwords, Folderfication can generate secure passwords for you and save them securely in the Windows Credential Manager. And Folderfication can create a public/private key pair for you to use for secure key exchange. By using the Heilig Defense Global Address Book, your public key can be published for any other Folderfication users to securely send you an encryption key. This end-to-end encryption process ensures only you and the recipient have access to the key needed to access the files.

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Version:1.2020.194.1525 [No Encryption]
OS:Windows 7+
Released:12 Jul 2020
Dependency:Latest Microsoft runtime files for x64.

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